Is this a picture of Judge Jonathan Corwin?

This picture was taken on September 28, 2012 at the Jonathan Corwin house (aka The Witch House) in Salem, Massachusetts and there are two images within the photo that are unexplainable. Corwin was a judge during the Salem Witch Trials in which 20 people were executed for being witches.

The first image that captures everyone’s imagination is the black mass which is crossing the front of the house from left to right. It is not a shadow or smoke nor is it something on the lens.  It is also wearing a cross. The cross is not on the house. There are no marks on the house that indicate something was on the house before. Puritans did not believe in symbolism and did not wear the cross. The black mass is wearing the cross. Who is it?

The second image is in the second floor window to the left. Someone is staring out at us from the window. If you look in the middle of the window, you will clearly see someone with curly hair and a big white Puritan collar staring out at us. Some folks say it is a man and others say it is a woman. Some folks see a second person.

Our theory is that Corwin is staring out at us because that night on the tour we had a descendant of Sarah Wildes, who perhaps could be the black mass. Perhaps Sarah responded to her descendant’s energy and followed her to the Witch House, causing Corwin to show himself.